E nThinnai is a bold attempt to create a messaging application that is user-centric, privacy focused and allows users to own and easily port their data. While many web-based applications focus on massive scalability, our focus has been low-end scalability so that an individual can run this application on a low-end server like Raspberry Pi, a wi-fi router, or cloud-based servers including Virtual Private Servers, without losing any functionality including loss of so called network effect.

These objectives have led us to certain design objectives like :
  • • user-centric and portable identity
  • • administrative-less authentication mechanism
  • • authenticated guest access
The last feature allows for two individuals to contact each other even if they are served by different servers without requiring federation between their servers. This also allows an unregistered user to contact a registered user. Finally, a user can invoke different use cases via simple settings without requiring any programming. This allows us to make this application available to a general user.

Though our primary focus has been low-end scalability, we also have a version well suited for large enterprises that utilizes Lambda services from AWS. The “serverless” version can support a large number of registered users. We are in the process of migrating all the features available in the server version to this platform.

You can explore explore the serverless version by registering for an account at our showcase site MyStoop. Please keep in mind that not all the features have been ported to the serverless version, though all the major functionalities are available.

We are also making available a limited number of VPSs for potential customers and social media advocates to evaluate and provide feedback. If you are interested in this program, please fill out this form. Depending on the availability, we will make a server available for you. You can invite upto 5 people to join your server. Please note that this is not a walled garden. Anybody (those registered in your serveror other servers or an unregistered user) can initiate a session with you.

EnThinnai utilizes some concepts and ideas that you may not have come across before. We feel that these are critical to meet our first objectives: user-centric, privacy focused and portability. So we urge you that you read the following items to get the most out of this application:     We are available in the Fediverse.
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